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The above photo is the inspiration for this website (along with an Xterra that literally destroyed its engine the week we made the final payment and just after the extended warranty expired) and is NOT photoshopped. The Nissan logo is in fact installed upside down on this Nissan Altima we had to rent while the Xterra was declared not worth the cost of repairing ($3700 to fix; I paid $100 for my first car.)

The vast majority of automobile websites seem to be covert auto industry promotional tools and most auto "reviews" seems to be little more than sales pitches "astroturfing" as grass roots opinions. I decided there was a need for a website where the owners of lemons can post critical comments of their cars. Case in point, the driver's side rear view mirror on the Altima is way too small, and on the Maxima I bought brand new, the water pump failed after just two weeks.

This website is not for car fans nor is it a place for people (salesmen) to brag about how great the car they bought (or are selling) is. This is a website for people burned by badly built cars to warn other people not to buy.

We will also have information on what options are available to you in each of the states to sue your car dealers under the various "Lemon laws" enacted to protect consumers from poorly built cars and disreputable sales tactics.

Feel free to email me with suggestions for other featured and information.

NISSAN XTERRA 2006 Reviews By Consumers:

NISSAN XTERRA 2006 Reviews By Consumers


(My Xterra had this problem as well.)



"Our investigation reveals that Nissan typically denies warranty coverage for repairs caused by these defects even if the vehicle’s powertrain is still under warranty."

2005 Nissan Xterra Automatic Transmission Complaints:

2005 Nissan Xterra Automatic Transmission Complaints

"I seem to be having the same problem as everyone else with my 2005 nissan xterra. Started feeling a vibration around 40 to 60 mph. It felt like I was riding on a rumble strip except I was not. The radiator fluid leaked into my transmission which cased my transmission to go out. I have only had this vehicle for 2 months."

The State of the car sales industry:

A vicious cycle in the used-car business

"A key reason for the industry's growth in tough times is that dealers can come out ahead whether or not customers keep up with their loan payments.

About 1 in 4 buyers default. In the real estate and credit card industries, that would be bad news. In the world of Buy Here Pay Here, it's just another avenue for profit: The car can be repossessed and put back on the lot for sale in short order. A new buyer makes a down payment, takes on a high-interest loan and the cycle starts anew.

Provided they don't get wrecked, these recycled vehicles just keep paying dividends. At some dealerships, cars have been sold and resold over and over -- three, four, even eight times apiece, motor vehicle records show."

The Public Reaction: I'm eagerly awaiting your mycarsux.com to go live.

My brother was leaving to go home after stopping by after work for a visit and to listen to Fridays show. He backed out of the driveway and the right front wheel literally fell off, hub and all. Manufacturer of this truck..... Drum roll please... NISSAN... Go figure right?

READER: Re: Nissan

Did you see the film "Who Killed the Electric Car?"? The Nissan "Leaf" is ALSO a lease-only vehicle: they're doing a General Motors thing, so they can say "it didn't perform well in the market."

I would LOVE to see a piece on the timeline of EXACTLY when "planned obsolescence" became the major factor in the design of consumer "durable goods."

READER: Mike, I have a 2005 Honda Civic. The most it has needed is an oil change, a new battery, and a fuse blew out. My mechanic laments me owning this car. It is putting him out of business.

WRH: Our previous car was a Honda Accord. It lasted 17 years. We had to replace the timing chain once, repair the transmission once, and the usual brake replacements. The only reason we traded for the Xterra is that Claire got that new harp which would not fit in the Accord, plus I was lugging equipment around to LOST filming locations. The Xterra has been nothing but one problem after the other. Electrical system failures, air conditioning (twice now), on-board computer has had to be replaced, the entire engine was replaced less than a year ago (thank goodness it is still under warranty), two starters, a wheel bearing, the ceiling cloth has become unglued (appatrently a common problem) and the body was inadequatly galvanized and is already rusting. This Altima I rented has only 4000 miles on it and is already rattling as it drives along. As the photo shows, these Nissan plants in Tennesee and Mississippi can't do a proper assembly and apparently do not even care. When we dropped off the car at the Nisan dealership yesterday some sales-slug had the nerve to ask if we wanted to trade it in on a newer Nissan and I told him I would trade it in for a used Honda. The fact is that we just finished paying for this Nissan, may be stuck with a huge repair bill if the warranty people weasel out of their end of the deal (and boy did they try hard last time). We simply cannot afford to buy another car right now. Our plan was to sell this one when me moved back to the mainland next year and just buy a used Honda civic at our new home. But we are going to have to junk the Xterra even if they do repair it, because I am not the sort of scumbag that can sell anyone a car I know is going to fail within the year.

Like HP, Nissan is on my list of companies to never EVER do business with again. Nobody gets a second chance with me. I am going to start doing more consumer reports at WRH and Nissans that are made in America will get a lot of attention.

READER: Bought a Datsun in 1971. Had problems with transmission that the dealer refused to look at (would slip out of gear at speed). Poor cabin cooling too. Have never considered another Nissan product since then.
READER: I had a nissan and the head gasket went bad in such a way that the OIL went into the radiator and over pressured it and then lost coolant and THEN the engine blew..

 your problem should be 100% covered by the warranty..


READER: I have been reading about your problems with Nissan and felt compelled to let them know how their behavior is affecting their bottom dollar.  This is my letter to them.

Just to let you know...I was considering purchasing a new/used Titan. After reading numerous articles concerning Nissan and their lack of warranty coverage, Titan is no longer on my list of trucks to consider.

 Example: http://www.transmission-lawsuit.com/  


http://www.aboutautomobile.com/Complaint/2005/Nissan/Xterra/ Automatic+Transmission  

There are more. I'm also concerned about Japan's radiation levels and where replacement parts are manufactured. I have never purchased a imported vehicle and seems now I never will. What you are putting your customers through is absurd. Any company that appreciates their customers should back their products. It's obvious you don't value them nor stand behind your products. This is odd because you used to have a good reputation.  

All In all, thank you for showing me that Nissan is not a vehicle my family should consider.  I believe you saved us from numerous headaches!

READER: dont sweat the car dont you have a star treck transporter device : :) my neighbour had the EXACT SAME THING with his Nissan i shit u not.

By chance I had an issue come up today with a Kia Borrego. It's a fairly chronic problem we have that model. There is a plastic fascia that trims the lower portion of either side of the vehicle. The sections on the doors are constantly popping off seemingly due to just opening and closing the doors. Not a real serious issue as it doesn't affect the performance of the car, but still a noticeable defect in a car you're spending a lot of money on. I took photos of it if you'd care to have them. Things like this pop up frequently, and I'd be glad to send any pictures I take.

this is a list that people can look at ..to see what they pay for a part if they pull it themselves and give Joe a 12pk to fix..


there are few here in Memphis..im sure more so in other places.

but gives an idea before someone spends a dealer a ton to fix..

Don't have any paperwork on this one as it is being sent to our re-marketing dept to be cleaned and repaired for sale, but this is a repeat issue with Chrysler products, particularly Dodge and Jeep. The power locks are supposed to automatically lock the doors when the vehicle is in gear. However, frequently the lock on one or more doors will "freak out" and lock and unlock itself very rapidly for a couple seconds. Basically, you shift into drive, and hear what sounds like a toy machine gun going off next to you! The problem seems to be most often related to faulty switches.